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How to Defeat Jihad

David Horowitz's West Coast Retreat, Palos Verdes, CA, April 8-10 2016

Bruce Thornton

What I want to do is remind us that the war we're talking about has been going on for 14 centuries. It started in the 7th Century A.D. when Muslims conquered the Greco-Roman, Jewish-Christian Byzantine Empire. It conquered places like Egypt.

It's interesting that people say Egypt is the largest Arab nation in the Middle East. Why are there Arabs in Egypt? The guys who built the pyramids, the guys who were Pharaohs, they were not Arabs. They were Egyptians. They, the Arabs, were there as conquerors, as the descendants of conquerors, colonizers and imperialists. They conquered Spain. They held it for 7 centuries until they were driven out. They were defeated in 732 at the Battle of Tours by Charles Martel. Fell when they were attempting to move up into France. They continually raided the Rhone River Valley. They occupied Southern Italy and Sicily. They occupied the Balkans.

It wasn't until 1683 that at Vienna, September 11 and 12 -- make what you will of that date -- that they suffered a devastating defeat. And until the rise of modern jihadism they never again challenged Europe. In fact, they began a series of retreats. There's one date that's very interesting and that's 1699. That was the Treaty of Karlowitz. And you say, "Well, what's the big deal about that treaty?" That was the first time a Muslim power ever had to sign a treaty which was to a Muslim disadvantage. In 1798 Napoleon invades Egypt. And the only reason that came to a bad end is the British destroyed his fleet and he abandoned his army. [The Ottoman Empire remained undisturbed --though weakening -- until 1924.]

Ottoman Empire.jpg

1924. Well, what happened in 1924? The dissolution of the Caliphate. When after 9/11, Bin Laden referenced a catastrophe, he wasn't talking about 1948 was he? He said it was 80 years ago. What happened 80 years ago? The dissolution in 1924. The dissolution of the Caliphate.

So in other words, my point is that we are in a war that has been going on for 14 centuries. And the Taliban have a saying, "You have the watch as we have the time." They are in a spiritual -- I'm using that word neutrally -- a spiritual reality in which this century, that century -- Israel's not even 100 years. We can wait. Crusaders were there 200 years, we got rid of them. We are obsessed with the here and now and we think the past doesn't matter. But the past matters very much. And in their mentality this is an ongoing eternal war between the believers and the infidels. And this is where we are at now. We are in a war. A long war.

The second point is what's the nature of the enemy? Now, we all know and I know this group knows because you've had the opportunity to listen to people like Robert Spenser, we know that jihad is a central doctrine of Islamic theology. It is not an aberration. It is not some sort of self-improvement or anything like that. It is a communal obligation of the Muslim people. So we know that. But there's another dimension to the enemy that we have to keep in mind as we go forward in terms of how do we fight this enemy and that is, what's curious about Islam is that it is, as I may, theologized tribalism. It is very tribal. And you can talk about the American Indians. You can talk about the Gauls that Caesar fought, the Germans that Caesar fought, the Britons that the Romans fought.

Any tribal people, they have some similarities. And one of them is the tribe is everything and everybody else is nothing. The tribe is everything and everybody else is nothing.

A lot of tribes don't even have a word for humans. Humans are themselves. Islam follows this. [The tribal Arabs created Islam and made Islam a tribe.] There's the Dar al-Islam, the Dar al-Harb. There's the world of Islam, the believers, and there's the world of war, [everyone else]. That's it.

So they have built in a kind of supremacy as we see in Islam today. Their belief, as Quran 3:110 says, is that they are the best of peoples, that Allah intends to rule the whole world. They really believe that. That's why they're continually at war with the infidels, particularly the infidel West.

There are two other dimensions of tribalism that are, I think, key for understanding this enemy. One is the role of prestige. What I was just talking about, Islam the tribe, that notion that "we" are the important people. We are the ones that deserve to rule the world. It's very different from the ancient Hebrews being the chosen people. They were never told go kill all the gentiles the way the Quran says slay the idolater wherever you find them. That's a huge difference.

But they are universal in their aspirations. And their prestige, their esteem, is huge. For awhile after 9/11 we kept hearing, "Well, you know they feel bad because Europeans have been picking on them and everything." And I think that I wrote at the time that their problem isn't low self-esteem. Their problem is too damn much esteem. Right? They think too highly of themselves. And that needs to be knocked out of them. They need to be humiliated. They need to be convinced that, sorry, in the real world that we live in, you're not so special.

So one of the things that we have to think about is defeating them -- not just defeating them militarily, but humiliating them. Now that's going to sound really kind of archaic and old-fashioned and mean and everything, but you know what, that's exactly what the Allies did in World War II, wasn't it?

The point of unconditional surrender was that they had learned in World War I, when Germany did not surrender there was an armistice signed with its army still in France and Belgium, and they never knew they were defeated. So they spent the next 20 years scheming, long before Hitler came along, to get back to the position that they thought they deserved as the greatest power in continental Europe.

So next time around in World War II they had to be thoroughly defeated and made to know that no, sorry, you're not the super race. Germans do not have a right to rule everybody else. Similar thing happened in Japan and they've been very good global citizens since then.

Now think about it: The Arabs attacked Israel three times, in 1948, 1967, 1973. What price did they pay for those defeats? What Arab capital was bombed, occupied, the way Berlin was occupied? When have they ever paid a price for their aggression? They sided with the Axis powers in World War II. What price did they pay? In Egypt the green shirts, including people like Anwar Sadat, were colluding with the Nazis against the English in the north and then the Americans in the North African campaign. What price did they ever pay for that? They have never, ever in the modern period suffered a mind-concentrating lesson about the stupidity of their beliefs. And then we wonder why they keep coming back and they keep fighting.

So what this means is they have to be defeated militarily, whatever that takes. That means killing a bunch of people. And I know nobody wants to hear that today. Oh, you're just a warmonger; you're a chicken hawk; you're this; you're that. Sorry, that's just the way it's been since humankind were bashing each other's brains out with rocks.

They have to be defeated military. They have to suffer the wages of their aggression. They have to live it every day. Their people have to live it every day until they realize, at least for now, this is a bad idea. We'll still be Muslims, but this whole jihad thing, I think we'll tone it down a little bit. We won't press it too much.

Now what do we [in the West] do? We do the opposite, don't we? Gee, how did we offend you after 9/11? What did we do? And all this nonsense about Sykes-Picot. It's driving me crazy, Sykes-Picot. 1916, Sykes-Picot. Sykes-Picot had nothing to do with what happened in 1918, 1919. But ISIS puts up a billboard in its territory that says, "We will draw our borders, not Sykes-Picot." Sykes-Picot didn't draw the borders of Jordan and Iraq or any of that. That's historical falsity.

So how do we fight this enemy? For one thing, let's get the history straight. Let's get the history of 14 centuries of Islamic aggression and violence against the West straight. Don't let people talk to us about colonialism. There were no European colonies in the Middle East. And I couldn't believe Charles Krauthammer, one of the smartest guys around, was talking about Sykes-Picot and the colonial borders. I threw a shoe at the TV. What are you talking about? That belonged to the Ottoman Empire until 1919. And they're the ones that decided to throw in with the Germans because they thought they could get back their European empire that they had lost in the preceding decades. Has nothing to do with colonialism.

And by the way, don't ever let Islam, [one] of history's most brutal successful imperialist powers, whine to us about imperialism or colonialism. [270 million murdered during their various conquests is one estimate.] Egypt is an Arab colony. North Africa is an Arab colony. Anywhere there's an Arab Muslim outside of the Arabian Peninsula there is a colonist, a descendant of a colonist, of an imperialist or at best an immigrant.

So we shouldn't put up with this false history. First thing, get the history straight. We saw this mistake made by the British in the decades before World War II events -- oh, you know, really, World War I was our fault and we were kind of mean to the Germans. We provoked this huge mistake. Because the Germans were like Muslims back then, [the superior tribe].

Winston Churchill's first two books are great reading and they're a manual of how to fight this war. Not how to defeat jihad, but how do you defeat the enemy that believes in jihad? That's the second one. The first one is a history of the Malakand Field Force. You know, the Brits have India, and where Pakistan and the Afghan border is today, the same people that are the Taliban today, their ancestors were there. Every so often they would start preaching jihad and they'd go on a rampage, and the British had these mobile field forces. They'd send them out there. They'd track them down. They'd kill a bunch. They'd disarm the rest. They'd burn their villages and then they left. They didn't say we're going turn you into a liberal democracy. They didn't say we're going to build schools and have three cups of tea with you, right? They didn't say we're going to liberate your women or convert you to Christianity. No. They didn't say we will ever leave. They didn't put a date certain on it. Everybody knew if you do this again we will be back again. And if you do this forever we will be back forever. Because they understood the nature of the enemy.

And the second, the River War, which is a brilliant book by the way. And as you know, in 1885 a guy called the Mahdi -- now you know from Shia Islam the Mahdi is the messianic figure that's going to usher in, I don't know what he's going to usher in, but anyway. One of these rose up in Khartoum, built a huge army, started attacking the expatriates there, the Europeans. And the famous Charles Chinese Gordon, British general, was there overseeing their evacuation. They overran Khartoum and they killed him in 1885.

It took 13 years, 1898, and the British put together a huge expeditionary force. Churchill got himself to go -- Kitchener didn't want to have anything to do with him because he knew he was a publicity hound; he used his mother's influence. And the big battle at Omdurman near Khartoum took place, and it was a huge slaughter.

And Kitchener went to the tomb of the Mahdi -- he had died before then -- broke the tomb open, dragged the body out and he threw it into the Nile. See, he understood you humiliate and you damage their prestige and you say, if I may quote Bin Laden, "We're the strong horse and you're the weak horse." There was nothing that they wanted there in Sudan. They didn't want to colonize it. There was no oil. There was nothing there they wanted. They turned around and they went back home.

If we don't start getting that mentality, if we keep thinking that we can bribe or negotiate or sweet talk or understand or tell them how wonderful their religion is and how much we love it and do all the things that [we are currently doing], which are absolutely wrong things to do, then if you say, "How to defeat the jihad?" we're not going to defeat jihad. It will be incremental. It will be insidious and at one point in the near future we're going to wake up and we're not going to recognize the country we're in.

Bruce Thornton is a military historian and a Research Fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University.

To view the entire panel on this subject, of which the above essay (edited for clarity) is a part, click here.

Freshman U.S. Senator Ben Sasse is a remarkable man. No doubt out of frustration with the equivocations constantly issuing from President Obama about Islam, he decided to go to the site of the Islamic massacre in San Bernardino to speak clearly to the American people about the war in which we are involved.

The war was started by a man named Mohammad in the 7th Century. He declared that he and his followers would conquer the world in the name of Islam and would use all means available to accomplish that goal. Those include terror and all kinds of violence such as murder, rape, beheading, stealing and lying, deceit and trickery. Many of his followers are taking him at his word -- jihadists -- and today ISIS, Boko Haram and other units of Mohammad's army are utilizing violence to seize territory and eliminate those who do not believe that Allah is god and that Mohammad is the messenger of God.

Those who are jihadists or support what those jihadists do are growing in number in the Muslim world, thanks to decades of indoctrination by Saudi money that true Islam is only that as preached and practiced by Mohammad in the 7th Century.

However, there are Mohammad's followers who believe that violence in the long run is counterproductive and instead adopt non-violent means to advance the cause of world conquest. These "stealth jihadists" are strategic, utilizing propaganda, lies, deceit, deception and infiltration of countries by immigration of non-assimilating Muslims and infiltration of governments and positions of influence by believers in Islamic world conquest. It is troubling that those who seem to be "stealth jihadists" nonetheless teach that Mohammad is the perfect man. For example, an imam by the name of Suhaib Webb (who was for a period of time an imam at the Islamic Society of Boston, a known terrorist hotspot for many years) who now works with young people in the Washington, D.C. area, described Mohammad recently in a teaching session as "the best one ever to have lived." (Source: <"">Link since taken down.)

Finally, there are those Muslims, hopefully the vast majority, who simply worship one god they call Allah and seek to lead good lives and abide by the laws of the lands in which they live, ignoring the commands of the Koran and of Mohammad to conquer and kill and lie in the name of Islam.

The nagging problem many people have is distinguishing one from the others since lying to nonbelievers is acceptable, according to Mohammad.

We know what happened in Paris. What's going on in Brussels, Belgium, the headquarters of the European Union, is even more ominous.

Belgium as a small European country has been targeted by Muslims for a takeover through immigration and population growth.

It's often said that Islamic law, Sharia, is incompatible with the U.S. Constitution and our democratic way of life. Some protest that, saying it just isn't true. Muslims quoted in this video agree: Sharia is incompatible with democracy and Islam and Sharia are the same thing.

Hey, you're for 100 years in Iraq, little girl?

After all, who wouldn't prefer a world like this?


If you aren't moved and impressed with this video clip of Sarah Palin after casting her vote in Wasilla, there's something wrong with either you or me. I am doing fine.


It ain't funny, but ...

In efforts to make the U.S. energy independent of overseas hostile and unstable suppliers, coal will play a big part. As is often said, the U.S. is the "Saudi Arabia of coal," since the U.S. has the largest reserves of coal in the world. As drilling offshore proceeds (unless Democrats block that again) and other alternatives become commercially viable, coal is the rock solid base on which energy independence will be built. More coal is used to generate electricity in this country than any other power source and that is not likely to change soon. Developing nuclear power plants will no doubt replace some coal-fired power plants, but they won't be active for a decade or longer. Natural gas is a cleaner fuel for power plants, but availability is constrained by pipeline capacity. And, of course, there are urgent research projects underway on clean coal technology. Why not use what the U.S. has the most of, particularly since there are established companies employing thousands of Americans?

Yet Obama has promised he will drive those companies out of business, putting those workers out a job. Once again, the media has neglected or deliberately refused to do its job in exposing the real Obama and his intentions. Listen to this audio from January of this year:

This is another example of Obama's extremist ideology driving him, in this case without regard of the consequences to energy independence, the cost of electricity, national priorities and the jobs of working Americans. Some 80,000 have jobs in the coal industry, with 25% of them in West Virginia.

And in that same interview, Obama also promised that "[u]nder my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket." So much for the working family trying to make ends meet.

Update: Mike Carey, President of the Ohio Coal Association, issued this statement:

Regardless of the timing or method of the release of these remarks, the message from the Democratic candidate for President could not be clearer: the Obama-Biden ticket spells disaster for America's coal industry and the tens of thousands of Americans who work in it.

These undisputed, audio-taped remarks, which include comments from Senator Obama like 'I haven't been some coal booster' and 'if they want to build [coal plants], they can, but it will bankrupt them' are extraordinarily misguided.

It's evident that this campaign has been pandering in states like Ohio,Virginia, West Virginia,Indiana and Pennsylvania to attempt to generate votes from coal supporters, while keeping his true agenda hidden from the state's voters.

Senator Obama has revealed himself to be nothing more than a short-sighted, inexperienced politician willing to say anything to get a vote. But today, the nation's coal industry and those who support it have a better understanding of his true mission, to 'bankrupt' our industry, put tens of thousands out of work and cause unprecedented increases in electricity prices.

In addition to providing an affordable, reliable source of low-cost electricity, domestic coal holds the key to our nation's long-term energy security - a goal that cannot be overlooked during this time of international instability and economic uncertainty.

Few policy areas are more important to our economic future than energy issues. As voters head to the polls tomorrow, it is essential they remember that access to reliable, affordable, domestic energy supplies is essential to economic growth and stability.

You don't want to be depressed, but it's instructive to watch this video. One can question the future of democracy. The folks at Power Line have made a very good point.

The top 10% of American earners pay a higher percentage of taxes than in any other developed country in the world, including the usual example of extreme socialist Sweden. And Obama is going to stick it to that 10% even more so he can spread the wealth to those he thinks "deserve it." And those who "deserve it," like the starstruck lady in this video, are delerious about not having anymore to pay for their mortgage or their gas.

Joe Biden was picked by Obama as his vice presidential running mate because he knew foreign affairs. So what's Biden's view of the dangerous world we live in today? He told us.


Some of those non-campaign organizations feel the same sense of frustration that the ordinary people do about the trashing and mischaracterization of Sarah Palin, so this organizaion has rolled out this Palin ad.

People are justifiably angry at the way the mainstream media is seeking to whitewash and downplay Obama's decades-long relationship with unrepentant terrorist bomber William (Bill) Ayers are putting together their own videos.

Obama of course dismisses Ayers as somebody who did something bad when he was eight years old.

The real story is that Obama joined with Ayers to further his -- make that "their" -- agenda to subvert the United States from within by creating social and racial division. Together they fundied programs to teach school children to hate America, using the funds of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge and the Woods Foundation. Their goal was to train future leaders who would "change" the America they grew up hating.

But was Bill Ayers really such a bad guy?

We knew Obama was all for driver's licenses for illegal aliens, but he wants them to get Social Security, too? And health care that taxpayers will also pay for? No way.


Obama has had a 17-year relationship with ACORN, the "small "c" communist community organizer, which has a multi-year history of corrupting our electoral system with voter registration fraud. He trained its workers in how to intimidate bankers into making loans they shouldn't make and how to register voters. This past winter he pledged to have community organizers like ACORN working with him even before his inauguration as president to shape the agenda of the administration.

Obama shares the same radical views of William Ayers, that America is bad, an oppressive society and needs to be changed. Indeed, they both have the same views as Obama's 20-year pastor Jeremiah Wright -- God Damn America for white oppression of blacks. Having abandoned bombing as counterproductive, Ayers concentrated on early childhood education as the way to subvert the American system. Investigator Stanley Kurtz of Washington's Ethics and Public Policy Center analyzed the records of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge in which Obama and Ayers worked together. They made grants grants to extremist groups with the purpose of to radicalizing young children in the Chicago schools. What Kurtz found was this: Ayers' accomplice "Barack Obama knowingly and persistently funded an educational project that shared the extremist and anti-American philosophy of Jeremiah Wright." The programs were to incite hatred among young blacks for white America and to resist assimilation and the "middleclassness" that Wright preached blacks should avoid.


Sarah is inspiring a lot of Americans who are excited that they now have a voice in Sarah Palin.

This first video done by an amatuer volunteer takes off from the revised lyrics of Sarah Smile sung by black conservative Lloyd Marcus (the original is the second video below).

An independent group Our Country Deserves Better is producing video ads and touring the country in support of John McCain and Sarah Palin. Lloyd Marcus sings "Sarah Smile" with his own lyrics at a rally stop somewhere in America.

See their ads (we've posted some and will run them all) and make a contribution, however small, go to their website by clicking here.

To see our collection of videos, please go to right column on this website for the listing of Categories and click on Videos.


This from National Review's The Bench (wich deals with legal matters):

Obama's Trouble With the Truth--and With Life [Matthew J. Franck]

In the final presidential debate two nights ago, John McCain brought up Barack Obama's shocking opposition, in the Illinois state senate, to a bill essentially identical to the federal Born-Alive Infant Protection Act. Obama's response began, "If it sounds incredible that I would vote to withhold lifesaving treatment from an infant, that's because it's not true. Theā€”here are the facts."

Where Obama is concerned, the incredible is often the exact truth. For the real facts, turn to Robert George and Yuval Levin at The Public Discourse. A supporter of infanticide and a liar. (But who could be the first and not the second?) And this man bids fair to be our next president . . .

For the full analysis of this particular Obama lie about his oppositon to a bill to protect babies born alive after a failed abortion, click here.

Yes, most if not all politicians shade the truth now and then, but Obama is in a league by himself. He constantly misstates his past statements whenever he wishes to do so. His bald-faced lies go unremarked upon by his supportive media, so they join him in making his lies "the truth."

In both Obama's early upbringing in Muslim society (in Indonesia) and in his immersion in Marxist and communist teachings which began right after his arrival in Hawaii from Indonesia and has continued to this day (high school, college, community organizing, readings in Alinsky's Rules for Radicals, courses at Alinsky's Industrial Areas Foundation while at Harvard Law School and back into involvement with community organizations in the Alinksy style such as ACORN that do and say whatever works), truth is not a cultural value. See, for example, this and this.


We've presented a great deal of documentation on the illegal activties of the voter registration fraud experts ACORN and how Obama in his community organizing days trained their workers not only in voter registration but in how to intimidate bankers into making loans to minority and low income borrowers with inadequate credit. (Click in the right hand column on ACORN in the listing of Categories for some of them.) Of particular interest are three articles by Stanley Kurtz, here and here, which should not be missed.

Now the McCain campaign has produced an effective ad on Obama's long involvement in ACORN's unsavory business of forcing banks to make loans they should never have made and voter registration fraud. Subprime loans are at the root of our world financial crisis and registration fraud corrupts our electoral system.

The National Republican Trust has created an ad pointing out the danger of Barack Obama's plan to issue driver's licenses to all illegal aliens.

Joe the plumber exposes Obama's plan to take tax money from you and give it to those 30-40% who don't pay any tax at all. "Spread the wealth" is how he describes using you as his piggy bank for his new federal welfare plan.

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