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Examples are multiplying of Obama's disregard if not contempt for the U.S. Constitution and the laws of the United States.

The Chrysler bankruptcy is a dramatic illustration of how the administration is corrupting the bankruptcy process to favor the UAW union at the expense of secured bondholders who under the law come first in any bankruptcy proceeding.

The lawyers at Powerline have reported on what Obama is doing that his press sychophants are ignoring.

In two articles they describe how Obama is turning the U.S. into a Banana Republic where the rule of law is an inconvenience to be pushed aside.

Banana Republic Capitalism

Banana Republic, Part II

Bankruptcy lawyer taped on a Detroit radio station to interviewer:

Lauria: Let me tell you it's no fun standing on this side of the fence opposing the President of the United States. In fact, let me just say, people have asked me who I represent. That's a moving target. I can tell you for sure that I represent one less investor today than I represented yesterday. One of my clients was directly threatened by the White House and in essence compelled to withdraw its opposition to the deal under the threat that the full force of the White House Press Corps would destroy its reputation if it continued to fight. That's how hard it is to stand on this side of the fence.

Beckman: Was that Perella Weinberg?

Lauria: That was Perella Weinberg.

Powerline then reported this:

The Obama administration denies making the threats alleged by Lauria. The denial, however, is merely a bald assertion. Lauria is the head of the bankruptcy group at White & Case [one of America's premier law firms], and a Democrat who contributed $10,000 to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee in 2008. In that sense, you could say that he helped to bring about the corrupt regime that is now bullying his clients. But his credibility vastly exceeds that of an administration spokesman who, having no knowledge of the facts, is sent out to issue a blanket denial.

Obama's Marxist upbringing and experience in the corrupt Chicagoland swamp has prepared him well to be mob boss of America.


The word is that a Kerry for President in 2004 worker now living in New Hampshire made off with $100,000 in campaign funds and has now been indicted. When will somebody get indicted for the Obama campaign's fraudulent online fundraising that bought him the election? Somebody with Chicagoland political smarts had to be in on it.

On second thought, if Eric Holder is the attorney general, it probably won't happen. Anybody who engineered the pardon of multimillionaire fugitive financier Marc Rich and okayed the pardon of Puerto Rican terrorists to get the Puerto Rican vote for Hillary's run for Senate in New York probably won't be interested in such inconsequential stuff as his boss buying the presidency. Oh, and Holder also okayed the commutation of the decades' long sentences of two convicted Weather Underground terrorist friends of (guess who?) Obama friends WU terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn. In the course of the WU robbing a Brinks-type truck, two policeman and a guard were killed.

To be sure, in Obama's circle of America-haters, Jeremiah Wright and Willam (Bill) Ayers rank high. Wright's rantings of "God Damn America" still ring in our ears. And how can one forget Ayers' bombings of the Capitol and the Pentagon and his (fortunately) failed plans to explode a nail bomb at a Fort Dix dance?

But are there other Obama America-haters as despicable? Some say yes.

Rashid Khalidi was a spokesman for Yasser Arafat of the Palestinian Liberation Organization at a time when the U.S. had designated it a terrorist organization. PLO members killed the Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics. Khalidi left Lebanon and wound up in Chicago sharing many dinners with Obama and his wife. Obama toasted him as he left Chicago to head up the most anti-Israeli Middle East Studies program in America at Columbia. Obama steered money from a foundation he chaired to an organization headed by Khalidi that in turn sent money off to the terrorist PLO.

It's no wonder that a recent poll in Israel had McCain favored overwhelmingly 46% to 34%. The Middle East expert and Israeli author Caroline Glick has called Obama's rise "frightening."

Check this Power Lilne report out.

Update: Guess what? Andy McCarthy does some digging and finds out that Ayers and Khalidi were best friends. Khalidi and Obama were buddies. And Ayers and Obama together handed out tens of millions of foundation money to radical groups, including $75,000 to Khalidi's rabidly anti-Israel foundation, which in turn funneled money to the PLO. All these fine folks gathered together for a farewell party for Khalidi who was off to head Columbia's anti-Israeli Middle East Studies department. Obama was reported to have offered a toast, as did many others. Imagine what the remarks about Israel were! Actually, one doesn't have to imagine: The Obama-backing Los Angeles Times has a tape of the reception. But the Times refuses to release it. Journalism's highest standards at work. Where's the outrage?

The Obama campaign appears to be engaged in a massive criminal enterprise that has collected tens of millions, perhaps hundreds of millions, of dollars in illegal campaign contributions online. The campaign has deliberately disabled all of the credit card security measures used to identify the true user of a credit card. Fake contributions have poured in. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been contributed online in amounts less than $200, the minimum required to be federally reported. A sampling has revealed hundreds of fake names. The Obama campaign cannot verify the identify of any such contributor and has no mechanism for doing so. One guesstimate is that something in excess of $60 million has come to the campaign from foreign sources; only Americans living or traveling abroad can contribute legally to a presidential campaign.

By contrast, the McCain/Palin campaign has all the usual credit card security checks in place, rejects automatically all would-be contributions that don't measure up to the same standards used by Amazon and Costco plus screening out foreign donations. The McCain/Palin campaign vets all contributions under $200 as rigorously as larger amounts to ensure contributions are legal and they can identify all donors.

Is it deliberate? Yes, it has to be, according to this information. The author Mark Steyn, who has his own website to sell his books, explains via the Power Line blog:

Steyn and many readers (thanks to all) wrote to explain that the Obama campaign has chosen to reject, and the McCain campaign has chosen to adopt, the Address Verification System, or AVS. It is a simple tool that prevents credit card fraud.

As Steyn observed, "the AVS security checks most merchant processors use to screen out fraudulent transactions (and, incidentally, overseas customers) were intentionally disabled by the Obama campaign -- and thus their web donation page enables fraudulent (and/or foreign) donations."

Steyn also reported the contribution of NRO reader "Della Ware" of "12345 No Way." Steyn later reported that "Ms. Ware's" contribution was actually withdrawn from her account yesterday.

Campaign contributions under false names are illegal, as are contributions by noncitizens. Federal campaign law also limits the amount any one citizen can contribute to the presidential campaign to $2,300. The acceptance of campaign contributions via credit card without AVS protection facilitates illegal contributions. This is what the Obama campaign has chosen to do, and what the McCain campaign has chosen to avoid.

Steyn elaborated on this point at the end of the day:

[I]n order to accept donations from "Della Ware" and "Saddam Hussein" et al, the Obama website had, intentionally, to disable all the default security settings on their credit-card processing. I took a look at the inner sanctum of my (alas, far more modest) online retail operation this afternoon and, in order to permit fraud as easy as that which the Obama campaign is facilitating, you have to uncheck every single box on the AVS system, each one of which makes it very explicit just what you're doing - ie, accepting transactions with no "billing address", no "street address" match, no "zip code" match, with a bank "of non-US origin" (I've got nothing against those, but a US campaign fundraiser surely should be wary), etc. When you've disabled the whole lot one step at a time, then you've got a system tailor-made for fake names and bogus addresses.

This finding was brought to the attention of the New York Times which dismissed it as inconsequential. The Washington Post also took a look and didn't seem to appreciate the immensity of what is apparently going on. At least some observers, such as Beldar on the Hugh Hewitt blog sees the seriousness of it:

For a start, every honest Democrat should demand that everyone associated with the decision to disable the most basic anti-fraud mechanisms from the Obama-Biden campaign's credit-card donations systems be publicly identified and immediately fired. Every honest Democrat should demand the immediate and full cooperation from the campaign — pointedly beginning with Barack Obama — in seeing them prosecuted and convicted.

Power Line appears totally defeatist about the media doing anything now:

Maybe after the campaign is safely over someone will be interested enough to find out how much of Obama's record campaign fundraising was criminal. Ten percent? Twenty? Fifty?

The only newspaper to address this outrage is Investor's Business Daily

While the media has expressed great admiration for Obama's ability to raise huge amounts of money, why does it not think what appears to be the facilitation of fake and foreign contributions is not a news story? The media's dereliction of duty in reporting the true Obama story to the American public throughout the campaign is now crowned by its ignoring of this massive subversion of law.

Obama came up in politics through the corrupt Chicago Democratic political machine (as so often described in the Chicgo press), which helped pave his way by eliminating would-be opponents and steering political fixers like Tony Rezko (at least $240,000 to Obama, now waiting prison sentence for political corruption) his way.

That same Democratic machine is running Obama's campaign today and has used its underworld skills to amass hundreds of millions of dollars in illegal donations for Obama's campaign.

If ever pressed on this massive fraudulent crime, one can be sure Obama will express his usual ignorance, just as he "never heard" in 20 years any of Jeremiah Wright's anti-white anti-Jewish, anti-American tirades.

After Rezko's conviction, Obama got away with "That's not the Tony Rezko I knew."

As for the terrorist bomber and communist William (Bill) Ayers who collaborated with Obama for seven years funding projects to radicalize school children and destabilize the social system, Obama first said he never had heard of the bombings and then said he was only eight when they happened. No one asked why Obama was facilitating Ayers' communist agenda. The media gave him a pass.

Can the media let Obama get away with another big lie this time, when crime on such a massive scale appears to have been committed for his benefit and which has corrupted the presidential election? Where are the federal investigators and prosecutors?

Obama has worked closely with the Chicago machne men throughout the entire campaign in falsifying his life story and hiding details that would turn away voters. No original birth certificate has been released, college and law school records are sealed, files from Obama's Illinois senate years can't be found, his health record is a one page letter. With hundreds of millions of dollars involved, how can Obama not be involved? There is no "deniablity" here.

If the election isn't stolen by ACORN's fradulent voter registration campaign on behalf of their decades-long friend and champion Obama, it may be stolen by these hundreds of millions in illegal donations smothering all opposition voices.

The American people have been disenfranchised by hiding information about Obama, by media looking the other way and, now, by what appears to be massive illegal contributions. The American people would not knowingly vote for a fraud like Obama if they knew the truth. The real Obama has been successfully kept hidden. There is much to fear from this man who will do anything to become president, such as presiding over this fundraising enterprise. One worries more every day about what Obama is hiding as well as what he is doing.

Who is he?

The American people are being duped.

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