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About 70 men, women and children were slaughtered in Nairobi, Kenya's upscale Westgate Mall because they were not Muslims.

The British and American governments and their echo chambers in the media jumped through hoops to claim that Islam had nothing to do with all that.

People aren't that stupid, but the propaganda campaign to absolve Islam-inspired murders and other atrocities from any connection to Islam proceeds unabated.

British prime minister Cameron and American president Obama are in the vanguard in lying about the inherent, endemic hatefulness and violence of Islam as found in the Koran and the words of Mohammad.

It is said there is nothing new under the sun. In the case of Islam, that's true. Its war against all non-Muslims which justifies whatever works to advance the cause of Islamic world domination -- murder, assassination, rape, robbery, deceit, lies, torture, bodily desecrations -- is the same today as it has been for 14 centuries.

This fact is obscured for many of the public by the left wing media and other supporters of Islam in and out of government who continually seek to assure them that such behavior by Muslims results from a misunderstanding of the Prophet and his Koran. This utter nonsense is peddled by the New York Times and Washington Post and other left wing media, governments and other organizations.

So what's the truth? This video about the Nairobi massacre provides the factual basis for the Islamic terrorists' belief that what they were doing would gain the favor of Allah.

Boston area police are working on establishing a connection between the Boston Marathon murderers and a triple murder of three Jewish males that took place in nearby Waltham on the 9/11 anniversary in 2011. There is strong evidence that the Tsarnaev brothers and a friend Ibragim Todashev had been friendly with the victims. There is strong evidence that the triple murder of Jews (who had their throats slit from ear to ear) was an Islamic execution.

What has handicapped the investigation by local authorities is the Obama administration's stripping from the national counter-terrorism manuals and other materials all references to Islamic terrorism and how to recognize it.

An expert in the study of Islamic symbols and rituals Dawn Perlmutter has examined the case and provides context that has been lacking to the investigators and thus hindering the investigation.

[J]ihadist ritual murder must include symbolic gestures such as shouting "Allahu Akbar" while killing someone or reading a list of offenses prior to murder or, as in the Waltham murders, leaving drugs on the body to attest to the sins of the victims. As a result, jihadists can commit unspeakable atrocities without remorse because they consider their deeds righteous slaughter in defense of the purity of Islam. Enemies are not people: They are unclean animals, pigs, monkeys, or dogs, dirt that must be cleansed. Beheadings, throat slitting, body mutilation, corpse desecration, eye gouging, and other unspeakable acts are not atrocities, but rather, they are sacred blood rituals that restore purity and cleanse shame. Sacred killing becomes an ecstatic spiritual experience. Murder feels good.

Current evidence of this attitude is found in the the latest edition of the al-Qaeda online magazine Inspire which devoted more than thirty pages to the April 15, 2013 marathon bombing, heaping praise on the bombers:

The Blessed Boston Bombings (BBB) have been an absolute success on all levels and domains ... By tracking the course, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar--may Allah reward them--ran along April 15 until they crossed their own finish line ... we can confidently say that the real worthy winners of the Boston Marathon were the Tsarnaev mujahideen brothers.

It is disturbing that the Obama administration appears to be doing all that it can to make people believe that incidents of violence and terrorism involving Muslims have nothing to do with Islam. The facts are that violence, murder, and terrorism have characterized Islam's war against non-Muslims for 14 centuries. A prime example of the Obama propaganda campaign to whitewash Islam is classifying Major Hasan Nidal's Alahu Akbar murder of 13 soldiers at Ft. Hood as "workplace violence." One consequence is that the dead nor wounded were denied the Purple Heart. One is not awarded the Purple Heart for "workplace violence. How shameful.

Read the analysis.

Can you believe this?

"One in five applicants for jobs at the Central Intelligence Agency have ties to Muslim terrorist organizations, according to the latest round of Snowden leaks. And Israel is a major target of American counterintelligence. Washington is insane."

The Islamic war to conquer the world is ongoing and tailored to local circumstances. In northern Nigeria where law is weak, Muslim murders, rapes, church burnings and persecution of Christians forces Christians out and Islam controls more territory.

In the U.S., that won't work. Undercover infiltration into critical places by Muslims intent on weakening our country is extensive. For example, by planting agents inside the CIA Islamic war leaders will learn our plans and be able to circulate false and misleading information to the highest levels of government. In the State Department, HIllary Clinton's most trusted advisor Huma has deep ties to Muslim Brotherhood leaders and other Islamic terrorist organizations. Robert Spencer correctly calls this "stealth jihad."

Obama fosters stealth jihad by banning phrases such as "Islamic terrorism" and classifying Major Nidal Hasan's murders at Fort Hood as "workplace violence."

Wake up, America!

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