Good news out of the Netherlands. In the election for members of the European Parliament, Geert Wilders' Freedom Party scored big, landing at least four seats in its first try, coming in second to the ruling Christian Democratic Party. This is solid evidence that the Dutch public is waking up to the internal cultural threat posed by the 800,000 Muslims living in the Netherlands. The Dutch were in the forefront of welcoming mass immigration of Muslims from North Africa, Turkey and the Middle East and are now realizing that these Muslims intend to remake Holland into an intolerant Islamic society.

Thus far, the Dutch response to the aggressive advance of Islam has been craven: "Don't do anything to irritate the Muslims. They'll be violent." Muslim on non-Muslim crime in Holland is rampant. Muslim births are a multiple of native births and already Muslim children under four years of age constitute a majority of that age group in large cities. Rotterdam has been called the capital of Eurabia. See our earlier report.

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ANALYSIS: Geert Wilders, the far-right rising star of Dutch politics

Posted on : 2009-06-05 | Author : DPA

Amsterdam - Geert Wilders, the enfant terrible of Dutch politics, has done it again. On Thursday, his anti-Islamic Freedom Party (PVV) participated in the European Parliament elections for the first time, winning 4 seats and proceeding to become the second-largest Dutch party in Brussels.

The result echoed a similar performance by the PVV two years ago, when it made its debut in national elections and instantly gained nine seats in the 150-strong Dutch parliament.

"The Netherlands is waking up from a leftist nightmare," Wilders said as he celebrated Thursday's result, "a nightmare of tremendously high taxes, crime, bad health care, headscarves and burqa's, impoverishment, mass immigration and islamization."

Wilders, who is 45 and is married a Hungarian woman, openly refers to Islam as a "backward" and "fundamentalist" culture that necessarily clashes with Europe's civilization.

In "Fitna", his 16-minute political film that caused global controversy in March 2008, Wilders warns of Europe's "ongoing Islamization", explaining fundamentalism and terrorism as a Muslim phenomenon.

A frequent target of death threats, he has lived under tight personal security since the November 2004 assassination of another Dutch critic of Islam, filmmaker Theo van Gogh.

Born in Venlo in the overwhelmingly Catholic southern Netherlands, Wilders worked in Israel and travelled extensively in the Middle East during his youth.

Back in the Netherlands, he studied law and worked for an insurer.

In 1990 he started to work for the parliamentary Liberal VVD faction, and in 1998 became a lawmaker himself.

Quickly recognized as an outspoken and talented legislator, the blond politician positioned himself at the party's right wing.

Initially obeying party orders to tone himself down, Wilders returned to the center-stage after the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York, increasingly raising the issue of what he called the "threat of Islam".

His opposition against Turkish membership of the European Union resulted in a breakaway from the Liberals. On September 2, 2004 he decided to make his voice heard even more by becoming an independent lawmaker.

His international notoriety as a result of the Fitna film has come at a price.

In January 2009, the Dutch district court ruled that he should be prosecuted for alleged discrimination and incitement to hatred and violence. The trial is due to start in several months.

Next month, he plans to sue the British government for denying him entry into Britain on the grounds that he posed a threat to public security. ...


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